Women of the World Scarf

Designed for Impact

The Women of the World scarf was designed by Artist Rachel Rowberry, exclusively for Jhpiego, a global health nonprofit saving lives, improving health and transforming futures in the world’s poorest places. Working from images of mothers and children who Jhpiego serves, Rachel created beautiful watercolors for the corners of the scarves with a richly-patterned background evocative of art from the regions where Jhpiego works.

Proceeds from the sales of the scarf will benefit women like Sarah Mamadjibeye, a community health worker in Chad who educates families on the use of bed nets to stay safe from mosquito-borne diseases, like malaria. Sarah, in yellow blouse and red wrap, is one of the four women featured on the scarf, with her child. Since she began volunteering as a community health worker, Sarah has decided to become a nurse and is studying toward that goal. On her daily route in the community, the mother of two children urges pregnant women to attend quarterly checkups at the health facility and receive malaria prevention medicine to keep their unborn babies safe. She represents the commitment of so many health workers who are on the frontlines of the more than 40 countries where Jhpiego works.


Give one, help many

Give the woman in your life a gift of impeccable fashion sense that nurtures the health of mothers and children around the world.


Your Choice

Available in elegant cool gray or vibrant jewel tones.


Exclusively for Jhpiego

Images of women and infants from around the world, on a richly patterned background, make up this unique design.

Rachel Rowberry

Meet the Artist

Rachel Rowberry, Art Director of Collection 18, has supported women’s causes for many years. Whether through fashion or good health, she knows that an empowered woman can bring about change to benefit family, community and the world.

You can find more of Rachel’s beautiful print designs at: https://www.rachelrowberry.com/